By Ryan Mayer CBS Local Sports

Remember those days when you were a kid and tried your best to impersonate your favorite players in the backyard/driveway? Whether it was working on your MJ fadeaway or mimicking the batting stance of Ken Griffey Jr, you tried to get the look down to even the smallest details.  Well, the game has been changed as we now have athletes impersonating each other. Our latest example comes from B.A. on twitter who’s Russell Westbrook imitation is one of the best/funniest I’ve ever seen:

So much to love here.  The extreme reactions and yelling/flailing are perfect.  I particularly liked the missed lay-up followed by falling to the ground and taking 5-10 seconds to get back up.  His reaction even looks like the picture at the top of this post. Westbrook is the ultimate competitor which led me to wonder how he would react to something like this. What made it even better? Russ approved:

You have to be able to laugh at yourself and Westbrook seems to have a good sense of humor about things.

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