Just a couple of days after Greg Hardy’s domestic violence suspension was reduced from 10 to 4 games, another violent crime involving NFL personnel has popped up in the news. Buffalo Bills offensive line coach, Aaron Kromer, was arrested early Sunday and charged with battery. The 6’4″ 215 lb coach allegedly punched a boy in the face and then threatened to kill the boy’s family if he reported him to the police. All of this because the boy and some friends left some beach chairs behind when they went fishing.

The Bills haven’t released a statement on the incident as of yet but one Bills player did send out a curious tweet. Linebacker Preston Brown didn’t provide any context with the tweet but the timing of it sort of indicates what he’s referring to:


Of course over the past year the NFL has faced a firestorm of criticism over how they’ve handled domestic violence issues. While this situation isn’t labeled ‘domestic violence’ it is a violent act nonetheless. It will be interesting to see how the league handles this situation if the Bills don’t outright fire Kromer. I’m not sure where punching a minor and threatening to kill his family compares to punching your fiance on videotape or throwing your girlfriend on a bed of guns, but I’ll let Roger Goddell weigh in on that.

This isn’t Kromer’s first bit of controversy although his previous incident was much more tame and confined to football. Last year as the Bears’ offensive coordinator, Kromer leaked to the media that the team had ‘buyer’s remorse’ over Jay Cutler’s $126 million contract. Once word got back to the players that Kromer was the snitch, he delivered a tearful apology to the team for throwing the QB under the bus. Kromer was fired by the Bears after the season and signed a deal with Buffalo in January.

Ross Kelly is an Associated Producer for CBS Local Sports. He is from Louisiana and is a fan of all sports, but not of any teams (except LSU). He can be reached at ross.kelly@cbs.com.