Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

All of our favorite teams have gone through slumps at various times and as fans we would do pretty much anything to break them out of it. Whether it’s changing jerseys for the next game or watching at a new location or even generously parting with our favorite seat on the couch just to change up the Karma, we’ve all done things to try and snap the skid.

Now Chicago Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon has joined the effort to bust the Cubs’ slump and help his team break out of their recent five-game losing streak.

Chicago Cubs’ play-by-play announcer Len Casper has informed Chicago’s 670 “The Score” that the Maddon has enlisted the services of a magician to help keep the players loose as the team tries to regain its footing.

Maddon is hardly the first guy to bring some unorthodox practices into the dugout to try and cure a dry spell.

An ESPN report in 2008 detailed how Yankees’ slugger Jason Giambi would wear a gold thong in order to break out of hitting slumps.

Meanwhile former Cubs pitcher Matt Garza reportedly had to stop at Popeyes for some fried chicken before every start he made, so Maddon is in good company at Wrigley Field.

Still, a magician? I know the Cubs have a relatively young squad, but I think even Kris Bryant might be too old for magic tricks.

The Cubbies have scored only six runs in the five losses, not exactly where they want to be. However, the New York Mets, who the Cubs begin a three-game series against tonight, might be the magic potion to whatever ails the Cubs.

The Mets’ offense has been anemic as well and ranks worse than the Cubs’ in basically every batting category this season. So if you’re looking for some offensive fireworks, this might be a series to avoid. But if pitchers duels and magic tricks are your thing, the Mets and the Cubs have got you covered.

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