By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

The Women’s World Cup has drawn interest as the US Women’s National Team progresses through the tournament. That interest has been evidenced in TV ratings as continued growth has been seen in the ratings in the US. In spite of the increase in numbers, Sports Illustrated and MMQB writer Andy Benoit is less than enthused about watching women’s sports in general on television as evidenced by his Tweet last night. Deadspin has a picture of the tweet here.

The transcription of the tweet is as follows:

Not just women’s soccer….women’s sports in general not worth watching.”

The tweet was in response to a tweet posted by MMQB editor Mark Mravic, mentioning Benoit.:

The Vine in the tweet shows England’s game-winning goal against Norway, which for the record was a thing of beauty. Nonetheless, Benoit clearly took the bait. Benoit has since deleted the tweet and hasn’t put anything else out on Twitter. It will certainly be interesting to watch whether the traditional apology tweet will follow today.