By David Heim

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Clippers team owner Steve Ballmer unveiled a new set of team logos for the 2015-16 season and beyond. Some of the reactions were, well, not what Ballmer had probably hoped for. 


The Clippers new logo has to be the most ugly thing I’ve ever seen..

— Shea Ruffridge (@SHEADOG2) June 19, 2015

Btw the Clippers logo looks awful

— WavyWorld (@BasedChasen) June 18, 2015


The new Clippers’ logo has sparked quite the debate, whether or not the new touches are an upgrade or not. It has also called into question some other sports franchises logo redesigns of recent memory. Here are five of the worst.

Tennessee Titans

(Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger, Getty Images)

When the Houston Oilers changed names to the Tennessee Titans in 1999 (after a brief stint as Tennessee Oilers from 1997-1998), a new logo was needed. When you envision a titan, you think of strong, brute, gritty strength. This flaming comet (?) really doesn’t represent any of that. Add the three stars in the mix and the logo becomes confusing. The team is much better off going with their alternate “T” sword logo that is found on the sleeves of the team’s uniforms. At least titans carried swords, right? 

Tampa Bay Rays

(Photo Credit:

Back in 2008, the Rays franchise dropped the “Devil” in their name, which they were previously called since their conception in 1998. The major re-branding also included a new color scheme and logo. The team dropped the stingray and went with a more basic approach as seen above. The rather boring redesign fully represents the popularity of the team. The Rays rank dead-last in the league in fan attendance. Not sure what the beam of light represents either, because the Rays haven’t had any real beam of light since 2008. 

Memphis Grizzlies

(Photo Credit:

Much like a titan, grizzly bears are supposed to be tough, fierce. The team introduced this new logo back in 2004, and to be honest, Grizz looks more like Baloo from Disney’s The Jungle Book

(Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff, Getty Images)

Not exactly the most intimidating. You can do better, Grizzlies. 

Carolina Hurricanes

(Photo Credit:

The roots of this franchise went from having one of the cooler logos in sports as the Hartford Whalers, to having one of the worst. I get it, you already don’t have much to work with when your name is the Hurricanes, but this logo looks more like a toilet bowl than anything. The team has been at the bottom or near the bottom of the standings in each of the past four seasons though. 

Chicago Cubs

(Photo Credit: Chicago Cubs)

Back in 2014, the Cubs unveiled a new alternate logo. “Clark,” the Disney-esque bear’s name, could just be a simple ploy to appeal to the young audience, but when you have a classic logo like the Cubs do, change is not necessarily needed. Clark doesn’t appear on any of the team’s uniforms or apparel, so it could be a no-harm no-foul deal. But that doesn’t give the Cubbies a free pass on this list. 

It is hard to imagine any logo redesign being as questionable as the Clippers has been so far, but it’s fun to think about all of the head-scratchers in recent memory. 

David Heim is a fan of the New England Patriots and New York Yankees and is thankful neither of his teams had to make this list. He’s also a contributor to CBS Local Sports and can be reached at or on Twitter @davidheim12. 

[h/t: Time]