By Ross Kelly

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and daddy needs a new pair of shoes… not really, but he would appreciate a nice gift to celebrate the occasion. You’re probably past the age of getting him some new tools or a new tie so we’ve compiled some other gift ideas that would put a smile on dad’s face.

5. For The Collectible Dad

Everyone loves gear of their favorite sports team or athlete, whether it is a jersey, hat, polo, T-shirt, or cutoff hoodie. You can also go the accessory route and hook dad up with a new watch with the logo of his favorite team or new kicks from his favorite player. To take it to the next step, get dad something that reminds him of his childhood such as a throwback jersey of his favorite player as a kid or some memorabilia that will remind him of watching a sporting event with you when you were a child. It’s always nice to add a bit of personalization so perhaps you could throw in a new putter or a dozen golf balls with his name engraved in them.

4. For The Outdoorsman

For the outdoors dad, it’s never a bad idea to hook him up with the latest rods, reels, calls, or lures. I’m sure that tackle box that he used when you were a kid could use some renovation or that tree stand is maybe supporting a little more weight from dad than it was 10 years ago and could use an upgrade. Also, if you are female or have a sister, then I’m sure dad has a collection of guns that he showed off to potential dates as a teen so maybe that is due for an upgrade as well.

3. For The Active Dad

Just because dad is a sports fan or a (former) athlete, it doesn’t mean he has to smell like he just played 18 holes. Buy dad some cologne endorsed by his favorite athlete. Smell like Fereder or Jordan or Beckham. Hey, Jeter’s gift basket cologne helped him off the field, so why not let dad smell like Jeets? If too pricey, you could instead go the generic route and buy him some body spray that was developed exclusively for active men. It’s a win-win situation as your mom/his SO would appreciate it as well.

2. For The Grilling Dad

A dad and his grill is like Michelangelo with a paintbrush – he the king of his craft peerless in his element. But you can only do so much with the tools you were given and maybe it’s time for some new tools. A new fryer or smoker is sure to put a smile on dad’s face as well as everyone he is grilling for. If not sure of what type of barbecuing equipment to get him, then you can just go the route of buying him the other half of barbecuing – the food. Buy steaks, poultry, fish, or even veggies for the special occasion and you could, possibly, even volunteer to do the barbecuing yourself while he relaxes. I, for one, have never, ever been disappointed by being given free food and your dad surely won’t be either.

1. For Any Dad

Greater than any material object, just spending time with dad may be the best gift a child can give their father. What better way to do that than by watching the final round of the US Open? For some sports fans, Sunday at the US Open has become almost synonymous with Father’s Day and there is a lot of anticipation for this year’s event. There is also a full slate of MLB games you can enjoy together – either at the ballpark or on the couch.

Whether it is something tangible or just time, there is no shortage of ways you can show your appreciation for your dad.

Happy Father’s Day!!


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