By Ryan Mayer CBS Local Sports

In case you weren’t watching last night or weren’t on Twitter at all, LeBron was caught by the ABC cameras shall we say adjusting himself in the pre-game huddle.

That got me to thinking what are some of the funniest wardrobe malfunctions to happen to athletes over the years.  Let’s go down the rabbit hole shall we?

5) Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger Fights His Jacket 2014

This particular wardrobe malfunction doesn’t include any flashing of private parts but is still rather hilarious. Wenger is the manager of the club and since the Barclay’s Premier League plays during the winter months he’s often needing to wear a coat on the sidelines.  This has lead to some incredible issues with zippers over the years. Perfectly captured in this vine:

Oh poor Arsene. Clearly he needs some more practice with that confounding zipper invention.

4) Devin Hester Sunday Night Football 2009

Devin Hester as a member of the Chicago Bears at the time was lined up on the outside as a wide receiver and ran a usually innocuous slant route.  Quarterback Jay Cutler delivered the pass and Hester went to make the catch, that’s when it all went wrong.  The corner in coverage dove to try to disrupt Hester from making the catch and ended up pulling Hester’s pants down exposing his backside.

3) US Swimmer Ricky Berens World Championships 2009

2009 seems to be the year for people exposing their hindquarters, because during that same year US Swimmer Ricky Berens had some issues with his swimsuit as he dove into the pool to swim his leg of the 4X100 meter relay. While there doesn’t seem to be video, there are pictures of the swimsuit split which if you’re curious can be found here.

2) Canadian Football Player Loses Pants 2012

Devin Hester isn’t the only football player to have been well “pantsed” whilst being tackled in a game.  Calgary Stampeders RB John Cornish took a normal handoff over the left side of the line.  After picking up around 5 yards, things started to go well south. (Pardon the pun). As he gets up from the pile he realizes that his pants have been brought down around his ankles.  What makes this better than the Hester one? Watch what he does as he gets off the pile.

1) Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen Pulls Down Opponent’s Shorts To Save Goal 2013

This particular one gets the top spot for the impact that the wardrobe malfunction has on the actual gameplay.  The others are funny but in reality they didn’t directly affect the outcome of a play or in Berens case a race. Here, Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen realizes he’s beaten by Aston Villa forward John Helenius and rather than risk a penalty kick by slide tackling him, he falls and grabs Helenius’ shorts. Helenius then puts his shot well over the crossbar.  No foul was called. Brilliance.

The lesson in all of this? It’s always funny when professional athletes end up having the same problems as us regular folk.