By David Heim

The summer of Gronk continues, which is great news for those who can’t get enough of the New England Patriots’ outgoing tight end. Rob Gronkowski’s latest showing, you might ask? Television. Not just the television we’re used to seeing from No. 87 on Sunday’s, but in the game show world.

Rob Gronkowski’s brother Chris broke the news to 98.5 The Sports Hub‘s Toucher and Rich that the Gronkowski family will be on the hit game show Family Feud. While most of the show’s categories given by host Steve Harvey are on the conventional side, here are eight questions we would like the Gronkowski clan — Gronk in particular — to be asked on the show.

1. Things guys say to a girl on a first date.

Gronk has been cited for saying some pretty memorable things to the media, especially about girls. But what would he say to a girl on a date? Dating hopefuls will be on the edge of their seats to get any bit of advice they can get from Gronk.

2. Things that can ruin a party.

Lets be honest, Gronk is the center of every party he goes to. When we see videos of him turning up at parties, the scene seems to be gravitating towards him. But what is the quickest way to shut a party down; the party expert should know best.

(Photo Credit: Larry Busacca, Getty Images)

3. Average time it takes a person to drink a beer.

Gronk will probably answer with his personal best, which is probably like one second.

4. Things you wouldn’t use if they were dirty.

Come on now. This has the potential to get really, really interesting.

5. Things you squeeze.

Much like number four, this question would require Gronk to filter his response, which he might not be able to do. Cue the Gronk smirk…

(Photo Credit: Jim Rogash, Getty Images)

6. Things that need proper inflation to use.

This is a serious question with simple responses like tires and pool tubes. It is in no way a joke on deflated footballs.

7. Things men wish they can do instead of going to work.

Gronk has a pretty good job; it is hard to imagine men wanting to do much else besides playing professional football for a living. But what would Gronk want to do besides catching passes from Tom Brady every week?

(Photo Credit: Stephen Dunn, Getty Images)

8. Things Bill Belichick would be good at running besides a football team.

Bill Belichick is arguably one of the best coaches in NFL history, but what else would he excel at? His star tight end might know best.

The Gronkowski family’s appearance on Family Feud is sure to be good television. If Gronk’s track record in the spotlight is any indication of how he will act on the game show, this will immediately become must-see television.