Brown and Troupe were joined by America’s most popular ex-porn star and current Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio Host Lisa Ann. Lisa dropped by the studio to talk about everything ranging from her career in porn, sports talk, players she talks to, dating advice for JB, what she looks for in a man, musicals, NYC vs. LA, and so much more.

Some highlighted quotes from the interview include:
“There’s a lot of girls in porn that don’t like me.”
“I don’t watch American porn now, but I watch foreign porn in other languages.”
“I have only worked with two guys in my entire career that I didn’t like.”
“You don’t want to have a guy be with you and fail. Then they have to lie to their friend. It’s going to ruin their life.”
“When guys realize it’s me, they look at me like I’ve given them a gift just by standing in front of them. There’s a moment that happens that I love because I made these people happy once in their lives and it’s great.”
“There’s underage kids at the airport that cuss me out that say they’re never going to watch me again for not taking a picture with them.”
“People will creepily taking pictures of you wherever you are and tweet them.”
“I get mad when girls where pink sports jerseys.”

In the show portion of this week’s podcast, Jake Brown and Ben Troupe dive into a wide variety of topics. They opened up breaking down what went through their minds during the Lisa Ann interview. Also, they wrapped up the NCAA Tournament and what happened to Kentucky. Okafor or Towns with top pick? Andrew Harrison was a fool for that comment, but Frank Kaminsky may have liked it. Black girls compared to Latina girls. MLB Opening Day in review. Wrigley Field pee in cups. Marlins Park doesn’t close roof.

Troupe Talk focuses on Billy Donovan and Tom Izzo not getting into the Hall of Fame. JB’s Beef gets into a girl complimenting his eyebrows. Also, DMX may have robbed someone and the duo tries their best impression of the rapper. Natty Light for college kids? Shaun Livingston complimenting Dirk’s junk? Troupe gives his motivational tip of the day.