Former three-time heavyweight champion wrestler Taz will be introducing his new podcast Taz Live on Monday, March 30th at 1pm Eastern, the day after WrestleMania to break down wrestling’s premier event.

Taz Live will air for one week only, March 30-April 3rd. It will include guest appearances from the wrestling world and beyond as well as interactions with his fans and callers. Taz himself caught up with to discuss his new show.

On what to expect from Taz Live:

“They shouldn’t expect much,” Taz joked. “No, I think you should expect entertainment, you should expect energy, you should expect insight and expertise and analysis of the Super Bowl of sports entertainment—WrestleMania. That will be the first day of Taz Live on Monday and then Monday Night Raw will happen and we’ll give a reaction to that also on Tuesday’s show because there’s always a big fallout from WrestleMania.”

On guests and other features of the show:

“(There will be) Guests during the week from the wrestling industry, from outside the wrestling industry. So the show will basically be a sports entertainment, pro-wrestling themed-geared show with some basic day-to-day topics, sports topics from my perspective, from my personal life. Phone lines will be live so fans can call, interact, get involved with the topics, make a statement, ask a question, do whatever.”

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On Taz, the Human Podcast Machine:

“Right now the Human Podcast Machine is featuring the WrestleMania preview show with JR is on, which is where my podcasts lives. What I do on the Human Podcast Machine is give reactions to certain wrestling shows from Monday Night Raw to NXT to Ring of Honor to TNA to Lucha Underground and I give reactions—rapid reactions. After the show airs, I drop these podcasts quick, so I give people insight of my perspective as a former wrestler, former champion, current color analyst, former trainer and been in the business for over 25 years. So, I kind of got the whole thing covered. People like my reactions to programming, wrestling programming because it’s pretty insightful from someone who has been there.”

On level of excitement:

“Very excited about Taz Live next week because it is an excellent opportunity to do something that has never been done before—a live show Monday through Friday, five days in a row, with a basic concept of sports entertainment and professional wrestling mixed in with other topical issues or sports like MMA, football, what’s going on in college basketball with the tournament. I’m very excited because it’s the first time, especially on streaming radio covering wrestling Monday through Friday. It’s a great opportunity for myself and for fans to interact on live phone lines for five straight days, and it’s a great time to do it because it’s right after WrestleMania.”