By Tony Massarotti

By Tony Massarotti

Sights, sounds and observations while wondering whether Adrian Peterson recognizes that he’s the one who actually let people down…

LeBron’s Clique

So let me get this straight: LeBron James posted a photo of his “clique,” which seemed to include every relevant player on the Cleveland Cavaliers with the exception of Kevin Love. Then Love says that he would grant the NBA Most Valuable Player Award to Russell Westbrook, a former college teammate, over James, a current one.

Clearly, what has happened here is a case of jilted Love.

Another Chapter In Jets-Patriots Rivalry

Speaking of childish spats, did you catch the news that the Jets have now filed tampering charges against the Patriots on Darrelle Revis? Earlier this year, of course, New England filed tampering charges against New York on the very same player, but at least the Patriots’ charges were based on some level of impropriety by loose-lipped Jets owner Woody Johnson.

In the end, what all of this proves is that the dispute former Patriots and Jets head coach Bill Parcells referred to as the “The Border War” is alive and well.

Off the field, at least.

Kentucky Not Guaranteed Championship

Said this before and I’ll say it again: Kentucky may be the best team in college basketball, but that doesn’t mean the Wildcats will win the NCAA tournament. Head coach John Calipari has a knack for falling just short in these kinds of things, so I’m still taking the field.

And as long as Jahlil Okafor is on the floor – assuming a Duke-Kentucky matchup – the Blue Devils have a chance to neutralize some of that Kentucky size.

But while we’re on the topic of college basketball, can we stop with the notion that Calipari exploits the college system like no one else?

One year after Jabari Parker was one-and-done, Duke now has three freshmen starting.

Scott Boras Goes After Cubs

Super-agent Scott Boras has used baseball’s rules to the advantage of his clients (and himself) better than anyone over the years, so he should have no trouble understanding why the Chicago Cubs should absolutely send Kris Bryant to Triple-A to start the season. By missing 12 days now – and just nine games thanks to the April schedule – the Cubs can ensure that they keep Bryant, in his athletic prime, for an extra season in 2021.

Boras knows this, which is why he recently accused the Cubs of damaging the “ethics” and “brand” of Major League Baseball, as if Boras has ever really cared about those things.

Translation: Boras has no leverage.

And deep down, he knows it.

Modifying NFL’s Rules On Extra-Point Attempts

NFL kickers were successful on 99.3 percent of all extra-point attempts last season, and so we all know that the NFL could use some modification to the rules. The simplest solution seems to move both the 2-point conversion attempt to the 1-yard and the PAT to at least the 15-yard line – resulting in a 33-yard kick – which should at least introduce the kind of decision-making that would make the most meaningless play in sports more meaningful.

That said, can people please stop trying so hard with these cockamamie ideas to spice up the PAT? And we’re not just talking about the fans. That 9-point plan proposed by the Indianapolis Colts can’t help but make one wonder whether the entire organization is hopped up on painkillers.

Senators Goalie Andrew Hammond

True or false: when this is all over, Ottawa Senators goalie Andrew Hammond – aka “The Hamburglar” – will be nothing more than the answer to a cute trivia question.

Prince Fielder’s Bunt

Saw this morning that Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder defeated an infield shift by simply placing a bunt up the third-base line. Instead of complaining about the shift, more sluggers need to simply take what the defense gives them, namely first base.

And as for the idea that a bunt is somehow a “win” for the defense, what genius was it, exactly, who came up with that argument? The shift is designed to take away a single, folks. Not a homer.

Mayweather-Pacquiao Payday

If you grew up when I did, you probably saw the last great days of boxing, which makes the Floyd Mayweather bout against Manny Pacquiao on May 2 all the more intriguing. Nobody is suggesting that Mayweather and Pacquiao will save boxing, but latest reports have the fight grossing $100 million in revenue before a single pay-per-view subscription is sold, and there are currently predictions that Mayweather and Pacquiao could earn combined purses nearing $300 million.

Chris Borland’s Signing Bonus

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m glad that Chris Borland has volunteered to return the prorated portion of his signing bonus that would have covered the final three years of his contract. Borland didn’t have to do it, but it certainly makes his story all the more compelling.

Chip Kelly’s NFL Meeting Attire

Not for nothing, but watching Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly waddle into the annual NFL meetings in Arizona dressed in nothing black, I couldn’t help but think of Johnny Cash.


Tony Massarotti covered sports in Boston for more than 15 years for both the Boston Herald and Boston Globe, and now serves as a co-host on afternoon drive on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston. He was a two-time Massachusetts Sportswriter of the Year as voted by his peers and has written four books, including “Big Papi,” the New York Times-bestselling memoirs of David Ortiz. You can follow Tony @tonymassarotti.

Tony Massarotti