By Ryan Mayer

Gregg Popovich earned his 1,000th victory last night as his Spurs beat the Pacers 95-93. He’s the 3rd fastest coach in league history to reach the milestone behind Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. He’s known as one of the best strategists in the game but also as a terror to sideline reporters everywhere. With that in mind let’s take a look at the top 5 Pop sideline interview moments.

5) Pop with Doris Burke– Pop gave his thoughts on how to stop LeBron James, which it turns out has nothing to do with his team’s defense.

4) Pop with JA Adande– Earlier this season, J.A. Adande tried to ask a more detailed question, Pop shut him down immediately.

3) Charles Barkley with Pop– A match made in heaven. One of America’s favorite pre-game analysts asking questions of the notoriously snarky Pop. Let’s see what happens.

2) Mark Jones with Pop– Why use 100 words when two will do?

1) Pop with Craig Sager Jr.- This moment isn’t snarky or sarcastic, but it showed just how much respect Pop has for Craig Sager in wishing him the best while Sager was away battling leukemia. A great moment, with an all-time great coach.

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