Restaurant Owner Pays Elementary School Students’ Overdue Lunch Bills
A PENNSYLVANIA BAR OWNER MADE THE HOLIDAYS HAPPIER FOR ONE SCHOOL AFTER PAYING ALL OF THE STUDENTS' LUNCH BILLS. GARY NICKLOW ASKED GEORGE MARSHALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HOW MUCH THEIR OVERDUE LUNCH BILL WAS. THE TOTAL CAME OUT TO $700. He came in and was here for about 30 seconds, handed us the check, shook my hand, we said 'thank you' and off he was. I can’t believe he did this. I mean that's amazing... These kids get to eat. THE GENEROUS BUT MODEST OWNER HAS ALSO DONATED $6,000 THIS YEAR TO CHARITY AND HELD A FUNDRAISER FOR TOYS FOR TOTS. WHILE NO CHILD IS REFUSED A MEAL, THE BILL STILL ADDS UP. PRINCIPAL JOHNS SAYS MR. NICKLOW'S KINDNESS WILL HELP MANY FAMILIES IN NEED. What Gary did was huge. This just kind of lessens the burden that they might have at this time of year.

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