Lemco: Why Football Needs Less PadsThere’s a reason that rugby players suffer significantly less injuries than football players.
Lemco: Why Pro Athletes Deserve The Money They MakeThe threshold to entry is so close to impossible that it makes the profession infinitely more valuable.
Lemco: Why Steroids Should Be Allowed In SportsIf the purpose of sport is to entertain, then why prohibit a factor that increases excitement?
Lemco: LeBron James And The Great Playmaker MythSure, he’s a great passer, but there’s a big difference between a great passer and an actual great playmaker.
Lemco: Why Soccer Sucks And Is Also Bad And StupidI don’t trust anything that’s that simple. After ‘tag’, it’s the most basic activity I could think of.
Why Tim Duncan Is The Second Best NBA Player EverIf you think that Tim Duncan is ‘boring’ then you’re an idiot who knows nothing about basketball. Is perfection boring?

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