Massarotti: NBA Rumor Mill Kicks Into OverdriveWhen did NBA Draft week and the lead-up to free agency become such a whirlwind of rumors and activity?
Massarotti: Why Did NBA Finals Improve After Game 2?NBA officials started calling more fouls after Game 2 of the NBA Finals, which slowed the pace of games and gave the Cavs a chance.
Massarotti: Scooter Gennett Hit 4 Home Runs In A Game... Seriously?Scooter Gennett, the Reds' second baseman, hit four home runs in a game to ruin one of baseball's last meaningful individual achievements.
Massarotti: Tiger Woods Isn't Catching Jack NicklausTiger Woods' recent DUI shows a once-great athlete who's lost control of his health, career and life without golf.
Massarotti: NBA's Long Preseason May End TonightThe Cavaliers, with a win over the Celtics tonight, will go on to face the Warriors in the NBA Finals for the third straight year.
Massarotti: Celtics, Lakers And NBA Win LotteryThe Celtics and Lakers will pick first and second in the 2017 NBA Draft, but the NBA might just be the biggest lottery winner.
Massarotti: Matt Harvey Going Downhill FastMets' pitcher Matt Harvey apologized for blowing off last Saturday's game, but he really should apologize for his pitching.
Massarotti: Adam Jones And Racism At FenwayAs the racist taunts of Orioles' Adam Jones from a few Fenway fans show, Boston and baseball's fight against racism isn't over.
Massarotti: Fans Are Ruining SportsSports evokes strong feelings, but some fans -- those who attend the NFL Draft or call the USGA with tiny rule violations -- go too far.
Massarotti: The End For Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez, former Patriots tight end who was serving a life sentence for murder, probably couldn't live with himself anymore.
Massarotti: Time To Root Against The WarriorsThis season's Warriors, with Durant, are better than last season's, and anything but an NBA Finals win will be considered a failure.
Massarotti: NBA Eastern Conference Belongs To LeBron, CavsLeBron James and the Cavaliers' blowout of the Celtics last night should put to rest any talk of their vulnerability in the East.

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