LISTEN: Cassell: "[The Clippers Are] Built For The Playoffs"Assistant coach Sam Cassell makes confident predictions for his Clippers, comparing them to underdog NBA champion '94-'95 Rockets.
LISTEN: Jamal Crawford: '[Kobe] Wanted To Rip Your Heart Out'Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, a basketball fan since childhood, reflects on facing NBA greats like Kobe, Sprewell and Iverson.
LISTEN: Austin Rivers: 'If I Don't Play Well, They'll Crucify Me.'Los Angeles Clippers' Austin Rivers talks about playing for his dad, his path to the NBA, his top 5 MCs and more.
LISTEN: Triple H: 'Those 20 Minutes, That's Your Passion'WWE's Triple H, who will battle Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33, talks about training for those few special minutes in the ring.
LISTEN: Caron Butler: Kobe Bryant Was 'Just Different'Caron Butler, longtime NBA player, looks back at the legends he played with and against on I Am Rapaport.
LISTEN: Caleb Swanigan: 'Like I Died And Then Had A Reincarnation'Caleb Swanigan, Purdue's one-of-a-kind basketball star, was given a chance. CBS Sunday Morning's Steve Hartman tells the inspiring tale.
LISTEN: Rivers: On Garnett's Intensity, 'This Dude Is Nuts'Clippers coach Doc Rivers talks with Michael Rapaport about Kevin Garnett's mental toughness on and off the court.
LISTEN: Morten Andersen: 'The Hall of Fame Is For Life'New NFL Hall of Famer Morten Andersen walks Robert Wuhl of Ipso Facto through the Football Hall of Fame nomination process.
LISTEN: Rapaport: "Tell Geno [Auriemma] To Take His Talent Elsewhere'Michael Rapaport and ex-Duke/Bulls player Jay Williams talk about UCONN women's basketball's 100 wins and the NCAA's inherent unfairness.
LISTEN: Chris Broussard: '[Phil Jackson] Needs To Apologize To Carmelo'NBA Analyst Chris Broussard joins Michael Rapaport on I AM RAPAPORT to talk about fixing the Knicks and upgrading the Cavs.
LISTEN: Rapaport: '[Oakley's] Frustration What Knicks Fans Have Been Feeling'Knicks fans have been frustrated for a long time. And the Charles Oakley incident, as Michael Rapaport sees it, is evidence of that.
LISTEN: David Meltzer: 'Matt Ryan Will Be Real Super Bowl Winner'Sports marketing expert David Meltzer looks at the Super Bowl from a marketing perspective on the All Business podcast.

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