Bernstein: Stop Talking To Mike DitkaMike Ditka's comments range from banal sales pitches to racist and confused ramblings. Can we just stop asking for his opinion?
Bernstein: Good For Sean PaytonSean Payton, head coach of a Saints team that lost a player to gun violence last year, commented after the Las Vegas mass shooting.
Bernstein: What Is The NCAA Prepared To Do?With the unfolding fraud and bribery scandal in major college basketball recruiting, the NCAA must deal with a not-so-secret shadow economy.
Bernstein: Adam Silver Is Ahead Of The GameNBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, continues to be a forward-thinker on the legalization of sports gambling and the league's TV presentation.
Bernstein: Romo Needs More Than TricksTony Romo's broadcast booth debut during the Raiders-Titans game showed his inexperience, but there's plenty to build on.
Bernstein: 2017 NFL Rules New And... Improved?The NFL once again finds creative ways to change the rules and probably confuse and enrage fans in the process.
Bernstein: Elliott Vs. NFL Could Get More ComplicatedCowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is hoping to reduce his six-game suspension for domestic violence, but that doesn't seem likely.
Bernstein: Why The Cavs-Celtics Deal Is So InterestingThe Cavaliers and Celtics put together a blockbuster trade on Tuesday night that makes the Eastern Conference that much more interesting.
Bernstein: How Did ESPN 'Slave Auction' Sketch Happen?The segment featured an NFL fantasy draft auction staged as a real-life event with a roomful of white bidders bidding on a black player.
Bernstein: Josh Rosen Is Right, Of CourseUCLA's outspoken QB Josh Rosen again questions the idea of college football's student-athlete, drawing more attention to perceived failures.
Bernstein: Cardinals Bar Reporter From 'Christian Day'The Cardinals and Matheny welcomed former player and noted anti-LGBTQ speaker Lance Berkman to speak at 'Christian Day' at Busch Stadium.
Bernstein: What Did The Cowboys Just Do?The Cowboys, citing the moral high ground, released WR Lucky Whitehead after he missed a court date... except Whitehead was never arrested.

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