Bryan Altman

Charles Barkley was never a 3-point shooter, but Inside The NBA studio host Ernie Johnson was never anywhere close to being an NBA player. So when the two decided to square off in a 3-point competition, the logical outcome would be that the NBA player – even though he shot just 26 percent from the 3-point line over the course of his career – would be able to beat the studio host, right?

Well, if you happened to wager on this one, I hope you took the underdog in Ernie Johnson, because he bested Barkley and there’s video evidence below to prove it.

In Barkley’s defense, Johnson has great form, which I’m not sure many would have seen coming. Especially when you consider the fact, which Barkley points out after losing, that Johnson is a grandpa these days.

Not bad, gramps.

We’re not sure if there will be more of these fun 3-point contests from TNT but at least one other star athlete you wouldn’t peg as a 3-point shooter has thrown his hat into the ring.

Somebody make this happen.

Bryan Altman is, for some reason, an unabashed fan of the Rangers, Jets and Mets. If he absolutely had to pick a basketball team it would be the Knicks, but he’d gladly trade them for just one championship for any of his other three teams.

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