Bryan Altman

Launching yourself into the air off a 30-foot high platform into a pool while spiraling and flipping the whole way down is a daunting enough task for most, but not the Ohio State diving team.

On Wednesday, the Buckeyes dive team posted a video to Instagram in which they turned their high dive into a makeshift Slip ‘N Slide and took turns sliding right off of it and into the pool.

As if that weren’t wild enough, some of the divers even attempted to do something resembling a dive at the end of their slide.

It’s important to remember that these are professional divers, so please don’t head over to your local pool and try what you saw here.

Also, Slip ‘N Slides rooted firmly on the ground have been responsible for more than a handful of injuries over the years, so kudos to the Ohio State dive team for taking the Slip ‘N Slide to the next level, but most importantly for walking away from it in one piece.

There are many others who can’t say the same.

[h/t NBC/WCMH-TV Columbus]

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